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    Yesterday I posted a question about setting up Sprint mail on their website involving forwarding to the treo 300, (see ) with a more general question involving email & a solution that would not involve Sprint BC. My message was moved to communication software forum.

    I know that many messages on the treo 300 forum could be applied to the other treo models, and appreciate the recent effort by treocentral staff to keep the forums organized. However, my question involved Sprint's mail service IS treo 300 specific. I posted the question here because more people who have experience with Sprint's service as it applies to the Treo 300 are more likely to be on this forum rather than the communication forum, (which, as I understand it, is intended for discussion of communication software applicable that is not treo-specific)

    It is just a concern that maybe some messages are moved based on the subject line and the messages are not read completely.

    These boards have really helpful for so many of us, and I appreciate having a place to have questions answers.

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    I was dismayed that my post from yesterday was also moved. And I too think they just read the subject and moved it. It was on upgrading from the Prism - but my questions were very specifically regarding the Treo 300 for Sprint. Arbitrarily moving messages is not helping the usefulness of this resource.
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    In reply to dougef, I want to apologize, becuase that was a mismoved post, done by me. I'll admit that in our efforts to organize things, some accidents do happen. I am not sure why in this case that did happen, becuase (at least for me) normally I read all the posts, including all replies before making a decision.

    mhm27 - I still belive that in the end we really should try to get ALL software related posts in the software forums, since in the future, the Treo 300 will NOT be the only Sprint Treo that can run buisness connect - and thus the forum becomes disorganized. But in the current state of things, with all Sprint users in one forum, and your wanting to get an answer to your question, i really have no choice but to move it back... Maybe we'll worry about the future when it comes instead of preparing for it now.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    A general comment. Although my Treo 300 is my third Handspring device, The very unique nature of the 300 being a phone and using Sprintpcs makes having a distinct forum just for that device all the more important. I now find that I check the 300 forum at least daily, but only look at other forums occassionally. Even many software/communications issues which apply to many models, have very unique aspects when applying them to the Sprint 300, because the device must use Sprint's communications lines.

    I am not sure what the long-term answer is for those who run this site, but please as a service to those who own the current generation of 300's, leave all messages here so we can find them. I really don't have the time or patience to wade through so many different forums when 90% of the information I want or need should be right here.

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    Originally posted by dougef
    I really don't have the time or patience to wade through so many different forums when 90% of the information I want or need should be right here.
    I am glad your time is more valuable than mine

    I always have to come into the Treo 300 section to look for interesting posts that belong elsewhere. What makes you guys so special?

    Although I do agree that some posts are very unique to the Treo 300/Sprint. Also, it can be very difficult to post in the right section if you don't understand all the details on how the device works, and why your question might be related to other Treo's or whether it is unique to the 300. I am understanding in that regard, but to do it to make it more convenient for you is a little unfair.

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