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    I recently bought an unlocked Centro that was once an AT&T unit, & has of course their bloatware onboard as well as US dialect in the menus, etc. Is it possible to change the OS to a generic UK English one without bloatware? I never owned a Palm OS device before & I'm learning it's quirks etc (does anyone else notice you can't shut the device off except for the phone radio?).

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    PalmOS devices (and later WM ones) were always on. (It's not a quirk, that's how it is)
    Why Palm Treo Devices Don’t Turn Off | Pocketnow

    I highly doubt you could do that without some fancy modding. :/
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    If the links are still active, search for the Centro Custom ROM thread. This let's you load up a custom ROM to strip all the necessary junk. But, keep the warnings in the thread in mind. You could also see if you can find the ROW update and update your device that way, but you won't get all the benefits of a clean ROM. Unfortunately, finding links will be a pain now that most are broken thanks to the death of POS. I myself was lucky and was able to enjoy this in the twilight of POS modding...

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