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    I have RealEcho installed. It seems to be that it is hit or miss when I try to highlight text. The highlighting conflicts with RealEcho and I get lines through the text instead of the yellow highlight. It thinks I am trying to write some graffiti. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a different technique for highlighting that I should be using?
    Bruce in Belle Harbor
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    you just have to be a little patient. tap the stylus so the cursor is behind the text you want to highlight, hold it there for a couple of seconds and then drag through to highlight.
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    Imageone is right. The same goes for clicking. You can't just click anymore, you need to hold your pen/finger on what you want to click for a half second.

    It seems like RecoEcho takes the screen control over until you pause. If you were to just click on the screen, RecoEcho interprets it as if you're trying to graffiti a period. The pause allows you access to the screen after RecoEcho functions.

    It takes some getting used to. Kinda makes it seem like the Treo is slow, but it's the way it's coded.

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