With Treo 300..

I know that you can jog the volume up and down with the switch on the side, but I'm about half deaf and drive a truck so I probably need more volume than the average person.

Turned all the way up I have to use way too much concentration to listen when I'm driving down the road.

I had used a earbud headset before with another phone and kept getting tangled up in the wire - also with the headset plugged in that phone didn't ring at the phone any more, only through the headset - so you had to wear the headset all the time to hear the phone ring. I also had one of the little gizmos with that other phone that made it talk through the radio. That was neat but you had to either start flipping from CD to FM to FM1 to the button you programmed for that FM frequency to answer the phone.

I'm considering one of the Free Speak Bluetooth headsets, but I hear that there are some folks having problems with them related to poor sound quality. There is another thread about them around somewhere.

For me - driving - it would be really neat to amp that little Treo up a bit. Does anyone know of anything like a CB auxillary speaker that would work with the Treo ?


Ron (suffers from CHS) Vermillion