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    I just wanted to know how many people have problems with the sprint business connection. Both personal and enterprise edition. I work in an IT department and we have several treo's on trial with our users. Several of them are complaining about the BC ED causing fatal exceptions on their phone...forcing them to reboot.

    Any help would be appreciated as sprint support is just...well I am sure you know the word.

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    This is probably unrelated but I haven't been able to connect to BC (Personal Edition) since last week. I'm afraid that my company may have done something to prevent a connection. Maybe in response to the virus?

    Any suggestions? Eventually the BC client just times out and it says "Invalid Login".
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    BC would cause fatal exceptions and force me to warm reset. I eventually figured out it was related to the cell phone being on when BC was installed - don't ask me why. The Sprint techs did not know either (or were covering their rear), but confirmed this was an issue. The latest update of BC says to turn off cellular mode before installing the software. I would have them uninstall BC, turn their phones off, and then reinstall BC. Hope that works.

    Occasionally, I'll notice that my mail isn't pushing and that the Treo reads "No service". Resetting the phone and turning wireless mode back on solves this problem. I do not know what causes this and the Sprint techs are no help. If this is happening to y'all, if someone has not received an e-mail in a while and notices that they have no service, tell them to reset (and make sure they turn wireless mode back on). BC does not cause a fatal exception in this situation - wireless mode just quits working for some reason.

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