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    Do I need to buy a really good power converter if I want to charge my phone in London or? Thanks. -Tlop
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    I guess I should have mentioned it is a Treo 300, obviously.
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    No, you just have to buy a plug adapter. The power supply is 100-240 volts and 50/60 Hz, so it will work almost anywhere (with the proper adapter).

    (That being said, you probably already know the phone/data part of the Treo 300 won't work in London.)
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    Don't forget to charge the phone while it's hanging upside down to avoide the coriolis effect. Oh wait, that's only if you cross the equator. Never mind.

    If you're in the U.K. just remember to charge the phone face down instead of face up if you ever cross the Prime Meridian (the line that goes through Greenwich). Otherwise, you'll actually discharge the phone instead of charge it (one of the big reasons why they use DC instead of AC in the UK).
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    No, no, need to make sure you charge it on the left side of the room instead of the right.
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    I was told to reverse the ends of the charging cable so that the reversed cable direction would convert the electricity to the proper voltage.
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    I'll throw in my 2 cents. Rather than deal with a converter, which a number of years ago fried an electronics item of mine, I have a suggestion. Buy a battery backup from Ebay. I got one - it was maybe $15 with shipping. You pop in 4 AA batteries and it charges the Treo. I have tried mine twice and it worked fine - both times on the same batteries. Then no need for another charge cable and you can buy AA batteries anywhere! Very handy when stuck in an airport for hours and you need to use your phone. One of the best accessories I have purchased.

    Edit - FYI, I got mine from an Ebayer named Peakcloudy. I rated him A++++.
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    Check out the Seidio emergency charger:

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