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    I currently have a Prism and am running Palm Desktop 4.01 with USB sync. I just bought a Treo 300 - it is charging right now. The manual says I need to install the software that came with it, but I am wondering if, since I already sync through USB, if I can just use the software already installed. Has anyone else made that transition and can you provide some guidance (and maybe some tips)?

    I already have SPCS so tomorrow I tackle changing my plan to a vision plan and getting the Treo activated in place of my current phone. I wonder if I can do that all on the web or if calling SPCS would be a better choice.
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    Install the new Palm Desktop just so you can get the USB stuff for your Treo and your off. Easy transition.

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    I upgraded from a Prism/VisorPhone combo and didn't really have any issues. HOWEVER, YMMV, of course. I highly recommend having Filez or a comparable program installed before you do your first sync so that if there is anything goofy that is making you crash, you can use it to root it out. I recommend Filez because it's free.

    Oh... call Sprint. It's MUCH easier to have a human do it for you.
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    I did the phone change on the phone with Sprint. The phone part went fine - was using the Treo within an hour. But the Vision did not work (surprise !). I had to call again and they changed the ID again and re-provisioned it, saying not to try Vision for at least 6 hours. So I waited about 8 hours and Poof - it worked. I was able to go to Yahoo, check markets and sign in to see my saved portfolios. pretty cool. I haven't had time to fool around with other stuff yet - still have to work for a living.

    I decided to install the new software on the CD. First backed up my file and removed the archive and one other file so only the basics would get installed on my new Treo. I had a bunch of shareware etc. on my Prism that I may not want on the new one. After the install, I sync'd and everything was fine on the Treo.

    I plan to post a message about my initial impressions separately as soon as I have time.

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