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    Not sure if I'm making sense here, but there have been many times when I'm working on my treo and have to put it down after a few minutes. When the screen goes to sleep, I basically have to press one of the "big four" (phone, address, blazer, note) buttons or option+menu to get the screen back. When I do this I'm not able to go immediately back to what I was working on. There's gotta be a shortcut I'm not aware of... Would really appreciate the help.... Thanks.
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    Just tap the power button once and the treo will turn on where you left off.
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    That was driving me crazy too! I was flipping the lid up and down to accomplish the same thing.
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    Did you know you can also set it up such that when you open the lid, it turns on at the last application you were using (rather than the Phone screen, which is the default)?

    I know, I know. This has been discussed ad nauseum on this forum. But it's such a neat trick, I hate to see folks not use it.

    What to do? Go to PalmGear. Download "Buttons-T" ...

    Install. Go to the Prefs app. Upper right corner menu: choose "Buttons-T."

    There's an icon for the flip lid (first icon in the right-hand column). Pick "None" for this action.

    Ta dah!

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