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    Just started using Treo300SMS. Receives fine, sends fine, but when I send the phone stays in the broadcast mode (double grey arrows). I have to shut phone off to clear it. Solutions anyone?

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    The idea of the so-called "always on" from SPCS is exactly that. The double grey arrows indicate you are connected but not transmitting. Green arrows, of course, represent you are transmitting/receiving.
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    Thanks. I take it there's a difference between just having the phone on and using other Vision services. When the phone's on there are no arrows. Am I correct in assuming that the arrows light up when I'm using the browser, email or SMS?
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    Yes, that is basically correct. Normally, at idle, you would always see the grey bars. When the connection drops (which isn't supposed to happen but often does with SPCS), you won't see any bars. When you are using an application that is tranmitting/receiving (i.e. Blazer, E-mail, etc.), the bars should turn green indicating the network is being used.
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    I tried it yesterday. The only downside is that it drains the battery tremendously. Is there any way to disconnect after sending without shutting the phone off and turning it on again?

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