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    I've got snappermail set up to fetch, but sending is not working. The reason listed in the communications log is an "Invalid address header. Invalid address specified: (my email address)"

    What the heck is going on?? Is this a problem with sprint?? I know they've been having trouble with their email...

    One other thing. When the screen goes to sleep and I've got the lid open, how can I get back to what I was working without starting over from the menu?

    Hope you can help...
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    I have the same problem; not being able to send out emails. However, I do not get the same error message. Mine just hangs, connecting...
    As for your second concern, u can press the on button once to turn the power back on. I also believe u can have the treo stay on while the lid is open. Do a search in the discussion for auto off if this is what u are looking for.
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    I was having the same trouble with Earthlink as my ISP. Turns out that when sending mail on Earthlink from anywhere outside of their own network (i.e. from Vision) you have to connect to a different SMTP server. Are you having trouble sending mail through SprintPCS or another ISP?

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