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    I have the personal addition. It's been syncing with my outlook email acct just fine. I tried to add my sprintpcs acct too but it wont sync it. If i log on to the pcs business conn web site my sprintpcs's emails are there but they wont download to my device only my outlook email get downloaded...................any ideas??
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    That's the way it works. With the Palm client, only your Outlook email is synced. If you use Blazer to log into BC, then you can see your other e-mail accounts.

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    how do u log on to BC With blazer? even with bc not connected on my desktop it can still pull my outlook mail? how does it do that?
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    I never said anything about BC not running on your desktop. Obviously, it must be running there for you to access it remotely.

    You might want to try reading the BC manual to answer some of these questions.

    You can remotely access BC using most browsers by going to


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