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    I've lost track of how long it's been since the problem started. (It's at least a couple of weeks.) I debated calling Sprint PCS I really want to sit on hold for 45 minutes, just to find out, "Yeah, we're still having a problem with SMTP."

    I decided to try sending email from Eudora first, just to see if things were working, and... works!
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    Yeah! It works for me too! I can finally send emails! (hope it stays like this...)
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    I didn't even try sprint's smtp tonight - I was so frustrated from the last week that I went straight to (heard good things from snappermail users) when I got online tonight and forked out my $15. I've been on vacation this weekend and it was too inconvenient not being able to send mail. Looks like I should have waited one more day... although I think it was probably a smart move in the long run.
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    Yeah, it worked to some extent on Friday and Saturday, broke again on Sunday, and spontaneously started working again late Monday afternoon. This morning's test run looked promising. If it can keep this up for another few days without hiccups, I'll be able to start shipping these units to my employers' employees' distant offices.

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    I'm still having trouble sending emails. Is anyone else out there with a same problem?
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    I'm glad to hear that the problem is being fixed in some areas. Unfortunately, it is still not working for me. FYI, I am in the Southern New Jersey-Philly area.
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    I too also can not send messages.. I am in Central NJ
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    There is a way we can all try to help each other. This isn't (and will not be) the only thread about SMTP woes. I started a thread on Saturday that asked that we share our smtp network primary and secondary IP addresses. The thinking here is that we can develop a database of numbers that we can all try when one set is down, assuming that not all servers are down at the same time:

    The ones I have used are:
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    The thinking here is that we can develop a database of numbers that we can all try when one set is down, assuming that not all servers are down at the same time:

    How does one change the IP when it is locked? Do I have to call sprint PCS and get a six digit access code?

    TIA for any help
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    You are exactly right. Call sprintpcs tier 2 tech support for the unlock code.

    It's a cinch after that.
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    It's not like email is a hard thing to do.

    If you have a broadband connection with a static IP I would suggest registering a domain and installing your own email server. Mercury mail server is a free program that is super stable and takes almost no resources. You could use it just for smtp, or you could use it for your primary email service.
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    I switched my ip address, and sent a test email to my hotmail account. The sending part was fixed. However, my treo gets a fatal error as the notification of email hits my sms (I set the sprint vision option to notify me via sms when I receive email).

    Fatal Error
    Form C, Line 1728 Object not in form.

    Anyone out there knows why?

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    I'm feeling pretty good about sending my $15 to FastMail with the Sprint SMTP problems this weekend. So far I haven't had any problems with their service.
    another happy treo <b>600</b> user.
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    Please forgive my ignorance, but what exactly do you say to Sprint support to get them to give you an access code that works? Where do you set this on the Treo?
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    That you need to switch your proxy server IP addresses and need your unlock code; or that you are playing around with proxy server settings and want to try some other ones as your original set does not work.

    I believe the unlock code is unique to each device.
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    I was able to receive this morning, but still can't send without making any changes.

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