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    This weekend SMS was all screwy. I didn't get any messages on Saturday and those I got yesterday were garbled. Today, I guess some texts were waiting to be sent for a while and just got sent all at once, one after the other (I hate it when that happens). Again, I notice garbled letters and numbers in some messages and on others, the message appears like so: Message here: Message here.

    For one thing, that number was not even a sprint number (it was a cingular one so why the "@messaging.sprint.." part? And another, why does the message appear twice now???

    AAARGH i hate SMS when it doesn't work...
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    That's not a Treo300SMS prob.. sounds like a sprint problem.
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    I was having trouble also. I called sprint and they say the two way servers got hit by the virus saturday. I said they like to blow smoke up my a$@. He said they can't say when it will be fixed. Par for sprint.
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    how do i fix it? is anyone else having this problem? all the sms i get today have that after the phone number (even if they're not sprint #'s) and the message appears twice...
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    I have Treo300SMS, and have been using for two months. Yes, I have seen many problems, but they are mainly acts by Sprint.
    Once I could not send text message to myself from htttp:// and I called Sprint PCS Tier 2 support at: (877) 228-2257.
    Also I can't understand why Sprint's text messaging gateway strips out all email headers, which is why we don't see caller ID information with messages sent to our phone as email.
    But I must thank pdaapps for Treo300SMS, a very useful application, without which Treo 300 is incomplete.
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    I can send sms using treo300sms, but no luck receiving them. I can only check through the vision website. I was on the phone with a tier two support yesterday, and according to him, all the issues with short mail and smtp server should be fixed by Jan 31st. Just have to wait and see I guess. It's a good thing they are offering the vision service free of charge for the first three month. Otherwise I would've had a fit by now.

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