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    Like many people, I use a Mac at home and a PC at work. I use Palm Desktop under two user names to keep separate track of my business and personal schedules and databases. However, I rely upon my PCís Outlook program greatly to gather data from the web and from e-mail messages and enter them into my PDA. This is because, using MS Outlook on my PC, I am able to copy and paste text from the web and from e-mail messages into other sections of the Outlook PIM program (calendar, contacts, etc.) and I am NOT able to do this using the Palm OS. To get data from the web or an e-mail message into my PDA I have to first copy it from the web/e-mail and paste it into the appropriate MS Outlook program (address book or calendar); save it as a v-card file (or i-calendar file) and then export it from MS Outlook and import it into the Palm OS.

    Is there any way to copy and paste data directly from the web or an e-mail message into a Palm address file or datebook event file?
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    Are you looking for this capability in the Mac or the PC?

    I'm in Palm Desktop 4.1 so I can't really replicate your problem. On PCs you can right-click on the mouse to bring up a menu that usually includes 'Paste' if you have something in your clipboard. I've also found that oftentimes you can use the ctrl-c, ctrl-x, ctrl-v for copy, cut, paste even when there's no menu. It's been a while since I've been on a Mac but I'm pretty sure there are comparable key strokes.

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