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    I just paid for verichat since it expired but I didn't get a license along with the email receipt. Where do i get it?
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    You should get 2 emails, one from paypal confirming your purchase and than a second one with your license key for Verichat from PDAApps.
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    i only got 1 email
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    I just realized that mine expired. I was a beta tester and never got any email saying that the beta period was over, and that I might want to buy it (or that maybe they were throwing a freebie my way). What did they wind up doing?
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    I was a beta tester, no freebie here. I paid and received a reg code within minutes. Works well, though I'm still getting some <HTML> code from people on AOL.
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    the html code is because their text is either in color or italics or something other than plain black.
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    I was in the Beta program for VeriChat, and had seen these html tags. But, then I wrote to them with the specific IM that I received, and they fixed the problem in less than a day.

    They strip out the HTML tags out of the IMs on the server, and have code to strip out most of it, but some still slip thru. They asked everybody on their beta program to write to them with the exact IM if and when they see this, so that they can modify their strip html logic.

    So, I would think if you write to them with the specific IM that you received they will be able to fix it.
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    I did.....and they did in the beginning, but now it's back.

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