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    I bought a Treo in October, and returned it after 14 days because I couldn't get it to work well. Specifically, I could never do SMS messages, or send or receive email because of some problems with the Vision software when upgrading from existing Sprint service.

    So, I dumped Sprint, and went to AT&T voice only, primarily because I was so frustrated with Sprint's lack of response to the problem.

    This is an ideal device, and at the point that it works, I'll buy another Treo.

    Have things improved with Sprint's service since around 11/1? Does email and SMS work reliably? Has the connection speed improved at all?

    Thanks for any advice,
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    Since November, I've had a lower successful connection percentage and generally slower data transfer. I'm blaming it on more people using the vision system.
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    I've had a near 100% connection rate in the 3 months I've had my treo. The only time I reca' having trouble was in Terminal C at Cincinnatti's airport, and I waited 5 mins. and tried again and got onto vision. I have used my treo all over the midwest and southeast and have had no problems. Wherever I get a signal, I can log in to vision. with treo300sms I send around 250 messages a month to co-worker's phones all the time. Plus I hotsync with my desktop over the network from anywhere, so my data is always backed up. All and all, I am more than satisfied with my treo and sprint.
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    I have been having zero problems in Tampa. On a recent trip to Indianapolis and Chicago, I had some problems. In Indy, I had authentication problems try to get connected to Vision. Had to try 2-5 times to get connected. In Chicago, the connection attempts themselves would fail occasionally. In general, though, it's worlds better than it was in October/November 2002.
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    I purchased a Treo 300 in November and find the service from sprint to be unchanged since then. I did notice improvememt in reception quality (almost 0 dropped calls) with my old phone, around the time Vision was introduced. Before that the service was close to awful. Now, it is excellent in my opinion.

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