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    The Treo 300 allows you to go to, enter your zip code and check weather conditions locally. However, if I try to recheck the weather for the same zip code a second or third time, it holds the original forecast and will not give me an updated forecast. How do I reset it to give me a NEW forecast????
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    Have you tried to "refresh" the browers?
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    Try using "Delete Blaze". It is a program which deletes the cache of the Blazer web browser.

    Get it at:

    It works as advertised.

    Good luck.
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    Originally posted by LA_Treo
    Have you tried to "refresh" the browers?
    Yes Just hit :menu: R or delete your cache.
    Grace & Peace,

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    I set my blazer cache to "zero". Since then, pages have been current.

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