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    all of a sudden i stopped being able to recieve sms messages. i would send with "treo300 sms" and people responded and i wouldn't get the message. also if people sent me a message from the sprint messaging website i wouldn't recieve it either (i did just fine earlier!). altough if they sent it as emai ( i get them just fine but cannot respond. finally someone at sprint had some "interesting answers: a dude there said that 1) they have a new messaging server and are in the process of "migrating" everyone over to this server and this is a possibility for me not recieving these messages. 2) i asked if true 2way sms is in the future, he said not likely. 3) he did say that they will be releasing some sort of "sprintpcs-im" instant messenger for communicating with other sprint customers. i asked if this program would be able to send to other carriers (true sms) he didn't know. i also asked for a release date he said it was suppose to be released in november. anyway, anyone else having these issues with recieving sms ,messages or any more info on this new sprint "im"?
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    I've been having trouble with this for about a month. I had my service reprovisioned twice and both times SMS only worked for about a day. The third time I got a clarify ticket and now I"ve been waiting for about 2 weeks for a response. Yesterday, I called for an update and apparantly they screwed up both times when my service was reprovisioned. They entered my number in both the 2G and 3G networks. So, somehow the messaging servers get confused on where to send my incoming messages? Not sure about the details of this, but they say the top-level technicians are still working on it. If anyone knows what in the world they were trying to explain to me, can you translate?
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    Just a note on the IM SMS thing... It is in Handsprings contract with sprint to in good faith develop such a service (see the 10k? whatever filings), so I look forward to seeing it soon.
    -Michael Ducker
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