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    I bought a Treo 300 a couple of weeks ago. I get no battery life. I don't use it as a phone, I use it for the data. Or should I say, I would use it for the data. I checked my email twice today, had to charge it on the car charger for 30 minutes to bring the battery back up so I could go in the mall. I was in there an hour and the abttery was dead. Paying $500 for a devise to only check my emails twice in a day is not going to work for me. Does the 180 battery last for a while since it is black and white? My Palmi705 would go for three days with a lot of use before needing a charge. Any ideas?
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    Battery life is a bit complicated on the Treo. The 180 will not be substantially different. In fact, most report that the 270 and 300 batteries last a bit longer than the 180.

    Several things affect battery life, some which I can explain, others I can't. The phone will consume more power in a area where the signal is weak, as the phone needs to transmit to find the tower again. My battery seems to discharge when in a steel locker in a big building (ie. local gym).

    There are odd times when the phone just seems to suddenly discharge almost completely in about 10 minutes. Haven't figured that one out. It happens occassionally with my 180, but not often enough to bother me much. I filed a repair request with Handspring, and they offered to look at it, but I decided just to hang on to it as-is (I don't have much luck with warranty repairs).

    Lastly, the programming on the Treo which monitors battery life has setpoints which I believe change after hard resets. I recall seeing a post where someone recommended fully charging the Treo, then doing a hard reset to reconfigure the battery monitor.

    Treo's are kind of high maintenance
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    Hi Tonya,

    Here’s a link to some ways to help make sure that you’re getting the most out of your battery. Be sure to click the link to Part 2 at the bottom of the page for more. I hope these help.

    How can I maximize my handheld's battery life?

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    Owning both a 180 and a 300, the battery lives are almost identical. If i had to give an edge to one, it'd be the 300.
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    Thanks for the links. It was very helpful.
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    My 180 needs to be charged every 36 hours. At 48, it would be dead.

    I talk about 35-40 minutes per day, and use the handheld functions (datebook, to-do list) perhaps 5 times per day.

    I'm not sure why the battery life sucks. We all now that the Palm side does not take much battery life (look how long the Palm M505 series batteries last - weeks at a time). So we're left with a phone whose battery sucks.

    Many phones use very small batteries, and they last far longer than the Treo's battery. So who knows what the problem is. My suspicion is that the phone software just isn't very optimized.

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