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    My Treo 300 battery is not giving me a day of life. Today, I checked my emails three times, no phone usage at all and at 4PM I had to charge it with the car charger for thirty minutes, was in the mall for an hour, went to make a phone call and the battery was dead already. I ordered my 300 from Amazon on Jan.5, I haven't mailed in my rebates because of the abttery issue. Is this what I should expect? I have searched this site for battery issues and not heard this short period of time as a complaint. I think I am just going to send it back and get a pocketPC. I did everything I read on here, turned the brightness of the screen down 50%, turned off the beam, sign off on Blazer. I'm being careful to not use it much for fear of the battery dying, so why have it, right? This is not acceptable. I wouldn't mind charging it every night but dang. My Palmi705 wouldn't need charging for three days with constant data use.
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    that doesn't sound right to me. i check my email several times a day, maybe make a short call or two, and usually still have 80% battery life left at the end of the day.
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    well - hmph. I would say send it back. I don't have the problems you're talking about. I use it a ton, with nowhere near your issues. So don't give up! Send it back for another one and see if a new one is better....
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    Thanks. I'll give it another try. I'll stop by a Sprint store tomorrow to ask if they can replace the battery. Handspring told me Sprint does all of the warranty work. I really hate to waste the time shipping it and waiting. And of course I wouldn't want to miss the date sending my rebates in either. I really like the 300 and so far I like the Sprint service. I am still learning a lot about it and trying to get it set up the way I like it, all thanks to the people on this message board, couldn't have done it without you.:-)
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    You gotta get a whole new enchilada - they can't replace the battery alone. All or nothing.
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    Okidoki, now the big question... will a Sprint Store take care of it or will Amazon have to? If Only I had waited one extra day before ordering it, I could have done as someone posted and gotten a store near me to match Amazon price and I could just take it to the store for a replacement.

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    I had this same problem recently. I fixed it instantly by unscrewing the back, and carefully unplugging the battery, and re-connecting it. Poof! now battery holds a good charge all day at least with phone calls and email checks every hour. Be careful though, you dont want to hurt your treo! It is easy if you are sitting at a table and pretend your a factory line worker. It just has two snaps on each side and on the bottom. I had to reopen it because i bumped the jog dial a little loose. It has a little shiny metal circle thing on it that presses down to hold tight.

    Good Luck!

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    Careful there. If opening up the Treo doesn't work and the store can tell it was opened, that could very well void your warranty. I think you return it to Amazon if within 14 days, or take it to a store if after the return period.
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    When I first bought my Treo I had the same experience. I wrote into this forum with pretty much the same story. I had people replying that I must be using power someplace but the general impression I got was my problem was not the norm. I also tried turning down the brightness and etc. I began to think that if this is what I have to do to compromise then maybe the Treo wasn't for me. I don't know if it's a matter of battery conditioning but I now have no problem with the battery life. I use the Treo quite a bit and don't even dent the battery life. The most heavy usage occurs when I play some of the games but in my mind quite acceptable. I suggest you try and drain the battery down and recharge it several times and see if that helps.
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    Unfortunately the battery has drained completly several times, once a day since I have had it (Jan.14). I took it to a Sprint store today, they said they would exchange it for me but not today, their system was down. They should be back up Monday and Monday is my 14th day of the Sprint contract. I will not have time to make sure the new one is acceptible for me before my time runs out to cancel Sprint. Today, my Treo300 starting doing a couple of other odd things as well. The screen wouldn't shut off after I had turned off the wireless. I'd have to open the cover and close it several times. A couple of times I couldn't get it to turn off at all. I am hoping and have my fingers crossed I just have a bad unit.
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    Lithium Ion batteries should not be dischaged completely (unlike NiMH batteries) - this definitely degrades their performance. They also like being kept completely charged ("topped").

    - m
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    I sure wish it didn't discharge completely. It does after a half of a day in standby. No talk time, checked emails twice, yesterday that was after I cherged it for 30 minutes on the car charger to make sure it wouldn't dye. Today, I only turned it on to check emails. I have half the battery left after checking email about four times and no talk time. If I wanted to use this as a phone I'd be in a mess.
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    I don't think you have to worry about it being a bad unit Tonya. I don't know for anybody else but I have brought 3 Treos to sprint that I brought from circuit city and they said they were defective units. I think sprint doesn't have the right software to check the phone, and it always fails the test. They told me it was from the first batch of treos. And just a quick question are you using the car charger to charge the phone? If so if there is a red light on the plug that means it is the car charger from the first batch and it's defective. Sprint will give you a new one if you bring your old one (free of charge). The new one has a green light when it is charging not red
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    BTW, spending any amount of time in a "no coverage" area (light on the top of the Treo blinks red instead of green) will eat the battery VERY quickly. If you are in a building in which you know you won't get coverage, turn the wireless mode off. I can check email all day, make some calls, and still have some battery left at the end of the day.
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    Thanks everyone. I took my Treo back to Sprint today. When they first realized it came from Amazon I wasn't going to get any help. I was told I had to call Handspring. That was the first thing I did, and was told Sprint does all the warranty work. I think I must have looked desperate so they exchanged it. I have everything on the new one, now I'll have to wait to see how the battery does for me on this one. I will try the car charger to make sure of which I have, and now that you mention it, I think when I was charging it the other day the light on the car charger was red and my unit became very warm after thirty minutes in it. Hmm... I am going to try the battery out at home, where I know I have a clear signal. Keep your fingers crossed for me, and thanks again all.
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    I'm on my second Treo 270. The old one had great battery life, but the flip broke off. Handspring sent me another one, and this one has less than a day of life.

    I called Handspring (Consumer Care) and they sent me to Tech support. Tech support wants to charge me $20 to tell me what to do to fix it. Since my old one was older than 90 days (but with 6 months left on the original warranty) they have to charge me!

    Being stuck, I paid them and their great idea was to hard reset it and not to install any 3rd party programs. I mentioned that I had the same apps on both Treos, and asked if they could explain why they would work differently. He lamely said that a program can run differently on different units. I told him I develop Palm Programs (I really do) and could not understand why that would be if the hardware an OS were the same. He said that he could not convince me and that I should call back within 1 week if the battery is still performing poorly.

    I'm hopping mad right now. $20 for lame advice, lost of functionality (I regularly use my 3rd party apps) and no replacement on the way. If I didn't love my first treo, I would demand a full refund!

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