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    Will this work on the TREO 300

    helloNetwork, a wireless streaming media company, has announced that the Warner Music Group (WMG) is using helloNetwork's technology for its music clip subscription service, which was recently made available to Sprint PCS customers in the U.S. According to the company, the introduction of the wireless subscription service marked the first time that a J2ME application was integrated into a WAP browser to provide a streaming media experience.

    With helloNetwork's application, WMG is able to provide Sprint PCS customers with streamed samples of new and pre-released music on-demand - all while remaining in a single WAP-based data session. WMG's streaming music service allows Sprint PCS subscribers to listen to music clips from selected artists. Currently, the service comes at $3.99 USD for a 90-day subscription, and works on any Sprint PCS Vision mobile phone.
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    Veroi, I'm curious about your business model. What makes you think people will pay 3.95/mo for tinny sounding samples when they can get these from hundreds of web sites for free?

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