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    For some reason the last couple of days I have been getting this Fatal Error message:

    Event.c, Line:191, event queue full

    Any thoughts? Seems to happen around the time that I stop using TreoSMS
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    still wondering bump
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    I get one when I search if the search goes beyond my contacts.
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    do you have AOL IM on your Treo ? That was causing problems for me.
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    No AOL IM on my Treo 300. I think it has something to do with TreoSMS and when it goes to retrieve the message, but can't prove it.
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    Do you have any other apps installed that alter the way the Treo normally works (Like treo300sms).

    To see if it is treo300sms, delete it. If it still happens, that was not the cause.
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    I've gotten three or four of these in the last couple of weeks. I do have TreoSMS installed.
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    I am now getting this error. I deleted the 3 hacks I had, but still get it. Any ideas?
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    I have heard of this error before - and a quick search on Google revealed that it is a problem with Palm OS when using an application called Plucker and also one person reported it in relation to sending a great deal of SMS to a GSM Treo and then bringing the Treo back into coverage area so that all the SMS tried to arrive at once.

    I would start with deleting Treo300SMS and see if the problem goes away in that fashion. Otherwise I would see if you have got some service running which is flooding your inbox with more SMS than the built-in SMS application can handle.

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