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    ok so i returned the freespeak yesterday. i knew it'd be better to wait or at least find a cheaper deal since $150 is pretty steep considering such a tiny little gadget.
    if you have any suggestions on where to find good deals on bluetooth headsets, please post them. i kind of miss the wireless convenience of freespeak now that i switched back to a wired jabra earboom...i hate being tied to the phone...
    if there is already i link in this forum that discusses this topic, please point me to there as well.
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    I've seen a couple of posts on this board for Bluetooth headsets. The 300 doesn't have BT, does it?
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    The 300 does not have BT. The Jabra is probably the best deal going and I have seen them for $120.00 or so. Even at $150 this is a pretty good deal considering it includes the BT transmitter, IMO. Other units that don't include the tranceiver from Sony-Ericsson, Bluespoon, etc. are typically in the $175-$250 range.

    To MissBliss: You won't find anything less expensive than the Jabra for BT right now. If you find something, let me know.Here is an idea of what is currently available (toward the bottom). Most do not include the NT tranceiver.

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