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    So for alarm settings, there is only the option of High, Med, Low, off. And when the alarm goes off, it just goes BEEP, or BEEP BEEP...if you know what i mean. The problem is that it doesnt continuesly go off until you snooze it or hit a button. Theres no setting to change the alarm to a different tone either. I tried BigClock too and theres no options to change the tone to make it last longer either.

    Anyone have any solutions to this problem? Would appreciate it.
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    when u say alarm settings r u referring to the alarm preferences in the datebook option. There they allow u to play different options for as long as u would like. BTW u should be in single day view and press ur menu button.
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    thanks PFSCHAMPION. never thought of that before. I was checking my alarm prefs in general prefs.

    problem solved!
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    i use geeksounds, a free download from palmgear, and my alarm sounds to the cheers theme, then to battlestar gallactica on subsequent reminders of the same event...
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