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    we need a hack that we can double click the main app buttons to get at the secondary apps assigned to them with the lid closed!
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    I'm not positive since I own a 90 and not a communicator, but I think ButtonManager can do something similar. It toggles between two apps when you press the buttons. You should be able to set it up to toggle the launch of your second 4 apps. Should be at Palmgear.
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    There is also Slow Launch, which allows you to launch another app based on pressing and holding the button.

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    The King of launchers is EasyLaunch 0.16

    Allthough not updated for quite a while, it can do what you want and much more in a very easy to configure way.

    Although not fully working with the jog dial, the power button can be configured also.

    Freeware so check it out and please help write to the author to update it!

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