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    I see a lot of threads talking about hacks that allow button presses to launch apps (Switcheroo, McPhling, etc.). I use grafitti (RecoEcho+) a lot and have the stylus in hand much of the time I'm using my Treo. (I'm one of those rare 'PDA first, phone second' weirdos.) I use my Treo mostly in apps that require the input of a couple of letters for searching and then stylus strokes to select options (ePocrates, for example). It's easier to use graffiti to input those few characters required rather than the keyboard and then pulling out the stylus to switch to screen input. I'm looking for a hack that will allow me to switch from one app to another using JUST pen strokes on the screen. For me, the ideal app launching hack would be one that allows a special pen stroke (:menu: , :shortcut: , etc.) then a graffiti letter input associated with the app I want to launch, or at least a pen stroke that invokes my default app launcher (e.g., LauncherX). Anyone know of something?
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