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    I have purchased and installed Key Contacts on my PC. It's now taking over the synchronization between the Treo and my Contacts in Outlook. The reason that I used Key Contacts is because I can bring over more fields from Outlook into Key Contacts (i.e. multiple email addresses for a contact).

    But when I'm using Sprint Biz Connect and I go to create a new email, whether I choose Palm Address Book or Biz Connect Personal Address book, I can only select the default email address for the contact. In another word, even if the contact has 3 addresses, and I can see them when I'm in the Key Contacts application, when in Biz Connect, I can only see one. And it's the one that appears in the Contact window if you're viewing it in Outlook on your desktop.

    Is there a way to get Biz Connect to let me choose which email address to use when composing a new email? I'm not sure if this is a missing functionality in Biz Connect, or if I need to do something else. Appreciate all responses.
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    By employing KeyContacts, you are really using two databases to store your address information under the hood. The Palm OS AddressBook is still feeding the BC software the single email address. The other email addresses are coming from a separate datafile that makes your Key Contact records appear to have the Palm OS basics plus all the extra Outlook Contact stuff. Many applications enhance the built in applications while leaving the underlying standard Palm OS datafiles untouched in this way.

    Have you tried storing more than one email address in the standard contacts records. You can have up to 5 with the standard address book. Create a new record and select the little arrow next to Work or Home etc and change it to Email. BC will probably see the email address for your contact then.

    I would not expect BC to ever work with the extra fields in Key Contacts unless it becomes very popular.

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