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    Can anyone help..?

    I got the Treo 90 for my wife. She loved her old handspring. She throws it in her bag and it seems that in there the bottons are getting pressed and it losing power. She has lost enverything a few times. Any sudgestions?

    I use to see a flip case on for the treo 90 but now it's gone.

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    Lock the buttons by pressing the power button for 2 seconds.
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    The problem with turning off the buttons by holding down the power switch is that the buttons no longer function, except to turn on the power, which is what you don't want! I think that is a bug, but that's the way it works. Other things like turning off IR beam receive can help, or turning down the brightness. But another thing to keep in mind is that the Treo 90 battery does not last as long as did the Visor Deluxe, so she might just be expecting more life than it's got.
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    Palm Off Hack works well with the 90. When fully enabled, only the power button and removing an sd card will turn the unit on. Solves the pocket and purse problem.
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    Or Two Key On Hack

    Two Key On Hack makes it so your Palm will only turn on when the unlock button (which you choose) is pressed, so you have to press the unlock button plus another button. This is a very simple way to overcomethe problem of your Palm device turning on in your pocket.

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