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    After a hard reset (just by plugging in the USB/charger) and a hotsynch to get all my applications back, my Treo300 hangs everytime I load up SMS.
    The error shows up as: MemoryMgr.c, line 4359, free handle. And I have to do a soft reset everytime. Does anybody experience this problem? What do I have to do to fix, appreciate a response. Thanks
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    I'd try deleting the SMS database, assuming there's nothing critical in it...
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    Thanks mblank. It's now working after I delete the database as you recommended. I wonder what was the problem?
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    Corrupted databases aren't that uncommon on Palm devices. It's likely that some piece of software (perhaps TreoSMS) got interrupted in the middle of a database update and left things in an inconsistent state. In any event, I'm glad that worked for you.

    - Marc

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