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    What is the best way to clean the screen for the treo 300?
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    I use a product called brillianize.

    A bottle of #8 will last you forever!
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    Turpentine and steel wool. (just kidding).

    Try misting a small amount of glass cleaner (windex) onto a lint free rag and wipe with the unit turned off.

    If you are talking about the clear plastic lid that covers the screen the same method works well but follow up with a small amount of non abrasive car wax and a clean dry buffing rag.

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    I use a microfibre cloth that came with my eyeglasses - works great and you don't have to use any water, windex, etc. Fellows sells the same type cloth (I saw it at Staples the other day).
    Once a month, I polish the screen with STP Son of a Gun (like Armourall). I read in another forum that that protects the sreen from light scratches. Seems to work. I dad a small amount on with a Q tip - let it dry and then policsh it with the microfibre cloth.
    Have had my Treo for 3 months and so far - no scratches.
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    Originally posted by mordmalek
    What is the best way to clean the screen for the treo 300?
    I use either an eyeglass cleaning cloth or a terry cloth towel - NEVER use paper-based products like tissue or paper towel cuz it scratches.

    I used to use car wax on my Palm V screen to keep it fresh. Waxe the screen just like I waxed my car. Works very well.

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