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    I am a former Handspring Platinum owner with the Digital Link add on and am in withdrawls after 'upgrading' to the Treo 300. Though the thumb board is OK, I sorely miss my Stowaway keyboard for the Visor.

    Hopefully, I'm not alone since there are 50,000 new Treo owners out there like me. Maybe, collectively, we can send Stowaway a message that we want a keyboard, too.

    I sent an email to this address today: Think Outside Info Line and kindly asked them to release such a keyboard. If we all send them messages, maybe it will happen??!!!!

    I 'signed' the petition on this site many months ago, but I'm hoping individual emails will work even better!

    Treo users unite!!!!
    "...There is no try..." - Yoda
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    I'm desperate for the keyboard too so I did send them an email. I'll do ANYTHING to get one. I really think it's time someone came out with at least one keyboard for the Treo. Interesting, you mentioned that there are 50,000 Treo users, I recall reading that somewhere as well (a news article yesterday?). It seems that a figure like that should be enough to interest manufactureres.
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    Not to ever disuade enthusiasm, but I, like many others on this board have tried the same thing. I tried contacting Think Outside, Targus and Handspring all with the same results:

    "Sorry, not enough demand to warrant product development. Come back to us after Handspring has sold X million units."

    (I'm paraphrasing obviously, with just a hint of sarcasm...the spice of life)

    I too am missing my Stowaway and would long to see it resurface for the Treo for the times in a meeting when I need the note taking, but not the bulk of a laptop or the archaism of pen and paper.

    One of the moderators, I believe it was Miradu, jury rigged a rather ingenious connection between the Treo and the Stowaway. Here is the link:

    We have been begging for the specs, but life interfered in our quest for details.

    I would love to know if you meet with any success. Please post on this board so that we all my share your glory (and rapidly descend on the producers of such a product) or sigh at your defeat.!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    sent mine
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    I received the following reply from Stowaway:

    Subject: RE: Keyboard for Treo 300
    Thanks for your interest. We too would like to support Treo, but it is really up to Handspring to commit to wanting a version to sell with the Treo. I would send an email to Handspring as they are the ones that would buy the keyboards from us to sell to the retailers. The contact person to email at Handspring is Dave Guiang. Phone number at Handspring is

    Best regards,

    Lynn Durkee
    Customer Service
    (760)431-9090 x200
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    I called Dave and hope you all do too

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