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    I am a former Handspring Platinum owner with the Digital Link add on and am in withdrawls after 'upgrading' to the Treo 300. Though the thumb board is OK, I sorely miss my Stowaway keyboard for the Visor.

    Hopefully, I'm not alone since there are 50,000 new Treo owners out there like me. Maybe, collectively, we can send Stowaway a message that we want a keyboard, too.

    I sent an email to this address today: Think Outside Info Line and kindly asked them to release such a keyboard. If we all send them messages, maybe it will happen??!!!!

    I 'signed' the petition on this site many months ago, but I'm hoping individual emails will work even better!

    Treo users unite!!!!
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    I pledge to send my email
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    I followed the advice of pcrick and sent an e-mail to Think Outside. I was surprised to receive the response below within 5 minutes. I intend to call Handspring about this today. Any others who are interested in getting a keyboard for the Treo might want to consider doing the same.

    Full text of Think Outside's response:

    Thanks for your interest. We too would like to support Treo, but it is really up to Handspring to commit to wanting a version to sell with the Treo. I would send an email to Handspring as they are the ones that would buy the keyboards from us to sell to the retailers. The contact person to email at Handspring is Dave Guiang. Phone number at Handspring is( 650) 230-5403.

    Best regards,

    Lynn Durkee
    Customer Service
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    I received the same response from Thinkoutside. And I will call the gentleman at Handspring as well. I think it would benefit the cause to shoot the email to Thinkoutside AND make the call to Dave at Handspring.

    Thanks everyone. Let's keep the pressure on for a keyboard for Treo users.

    "...There is no try..." - Yoda
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    I justcalled Dave and left a voicemail. I hope eveyone else does too.
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    I am using a wireless keyboard from Pocketop for my 300 and everything works fine. I rotate the screen to the left and the IR picks up from the left side of the keyboard to the IR on top of the Treo.

    A little geeky when I pull it out on the airplane but at least it fits on the trey and I can type a full length paper or report without the battery wearing out.

    I bought it at Comp USA for $100 for my old Clie about 6 months ago. Their web site is They claim the Treo is not supported. As long as I type only in the Memo app or in Mega Mego everything works fine although I suspect the app becomes unstable if you use the keyboard extensively.
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    The old Visor Stowaway keyboards were not purchased from ThinkOutside by Handspring, but by Targus ( I think Targis should be the one that you contact about this. It is doubtful that Handspring will buy any keyboards from ThinkOutside; especially since the color Treos already have a built-in keyboard.
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    so how do we let targus to buy
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    I would love to see an adapter that allows one to use Visor accessories with a Treo -- like the "Bridge"
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    I took the initiative and contacted the makers of the "Bridge" <thanks Lucky_One> and they are sympathetic to our plight. The response I received indicated a possible desire to create such a product if a demand is shown...and after looking at TreoCentral, BOY was a demand shown. They would also need some technical assistance with, I assume, the contact mapping and data transfer specs.

    If you are interested in such a product and have relevant technical knowledge, please send an e-mail to:

    and they can possibly get the process started.
    I REALLY hope this works!

    Don'tcha just love capitalism in action.!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    and to reply, I am emailing them right now (thanks for cc'ing me trainman) with everything i know
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Thank you Trainman.

    Miradu, did you send this link, or the files on this page, to midwestpcbdesigns?

    These files are the best source of technical info on the interfaces that I can think of.

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    l the tech docs that i have downloaded recently (from think outside and Handspring). Of course, nothing i did was really special at all... I took public info and applied it... They haven't replied back to me...
    -Michael Ducker
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    One of my favorite features of my (now retired) Palm i705 was the ThinkOutside keyboard... I'd really like to have the use of that with my Treo 270.
    I hope the folks at midwestpcbdesigns run with this. If they do, I suggest that they include a socket to allow the charger/power supply to be used in addition to the accessory connected to the adapter.
    Handspring seems to lack interest in the accessory market for the Treo series; a device of this type would allow them to leverage the diverse existing accessory aftermarket with little outlay for development.
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