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    I am a new 300 owner, and I can acroos some beta s/w this evening that I thought others may enjoy. Its called ReSync.

    Essentially, it syncs Outlook, Palm Desktop and Palm Handheld (if you use a serial cable - USB support coming).

    I've tried the Outlook / Palm Desktop and it works GREAT! It's so nice to have these synced up!

    Check it out, if you want:

    ReSync 1.1 Beta

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    PocketMirror has a built in function which allows a one-time synch to make a copy of your data back to Palm Desktop. I do this occasionally so I wont have lost everything if I manage to trash the Outlok data somehow.

    Click the PocketMirror icon in Outlook toolbar (a green rectangle). Select your user name and click on the Settings... button. Then double click one of tke conduits like Outlook Contacts. Look at the options on the right side - you can set PM to Backup or restore to Palm Desktop as a one time action on the next synch.
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    If you have service with sprint, I would get sprint business connect, personal edition so you can sync with outlook wirelessly.

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