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    If any of you know of any cool websites that will send me news and information via SMS for free, please post them. Also when you receive a SMS message it does it get taken from your minutes if you already have unlimited internet plan? I don't think so but just triple checking everything. Also I have a application called SysInfo it tells me the processor (Motorola DragonBall VZ) for my Treo 300 is 29 MHz? Is this correct? I thought I was supposed to be 33MHz. Anyone know about this?
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    Your help with the previous questions, is appreciated.
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    Yahoo mobile will do it... I've got it set to send me news updates ever day at 9 and 4, it also sends me random messages when something hits the news wire. Also have it set to send me my daily weather forcast at 6:30 in the morning. Works like a charm! and it's Free!

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