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    Hi, My Treo 90 won't turn on. I've tried recharging and both soft and hard resets. It now won't even beep when I try to turn it on. I read the previous messages, seems as though others have had similar problems with some machines being replaced and some not. I can't find a phone number on the website other than a support line which wants $20 per call. I have only had this machine for a few months. How to either fix it or get it replaced or get my money back? I am also worried by all the comments which make it sound as if the company may be going under.
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    Somewhere on the HS support site you'll find the email form for free support. Email them and explain the problem. They reply within 24 hours.

    When you plug the Treo into the charger, does the power button flash or stay lit? If it doesn't, it could be a dead battery.
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    It does seem to flash. I gather this means the battery is OK? I am quite upset by this nasty surprise, had just begun using the PDA for my whole calendar! What a nuisance.

    Also, I don't see the support site on the web page. And when I ask it to search, trying to say "Help" or "support" the page tries to change prematurely and does not register this request.
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    From the main page, the customer support link is on the left column. Then go to Contact Us. A popup window will come up. Then click Product Support Email Form.

    If your Treo power button is flashing, it's charging. After 90 minutes it should stay on if the battery is working normally. One possibility is that your screen died. Occasionally it happens.

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