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    I know this thing about dash mounts had been beat to death, but I was looking around on treocentral some weeks ago and found a reference to a company that makes plastic vehicle specific dash mounts. Now I can't locate them - HELP!

    These mounts come with a little wedgie that you insert in the groove between your radio and dash for example and snap one end of the little molded plastic thing in there and put the wedgie somewhere else and snap the other end of the little moded plastic mount over there. Then you mount a Treo holder for your specific model to that and you are in business.

    I called and tried to buy one but called after the order takers were gone and got who knows who - and he said he would have someone call me back - Not!

    The mount I am talking about is not the Pro-Fit metal mounts that you file away part of your dash and mount with screws, nor is it those little clip on your vent mounts. The mounts are designed for specific vehicles and snap into a couple of grooves between dash panels on the vehicle dash. No adhesives or drilling or filing.

    I cannot find who this company is. I was remembering "Pro Clip" I thought but to date no luck.

    Does anyone know who the heck I am talking about and what their web site is?

    Thanks - I'd appreciate an e-mail.

    Ron Vermillion (Treo 300 user)
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    Millerhifi - You da Man! That's it!

    I've looked for this thing for days - First time Google has failed me.

    Ron Vermillion
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    Glad I could help.
    These clips are really very cool. I've had one for a few months now and love it.
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    I second the motion...i've had one (actually tried three different versions of their clips at different locations of the car before I settled on the one I have) for 5 months...they work great! Secure, easy to use, fit the car and the Treo like a glove, without putting any screws or glue in/on the car or the Treo. Order away...(also, their customer service was great...had good suggestions for me when I was trying out different setups).
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    Well this is an inexpensive car mount that does the job. I don't know if anybody knew about it but belkin sell a vent clip that wokrs great with the treo only thing is that you have to afix the clip to the back of the treo but once you have it in a case nobody know the difference.Car mount and as an inexpensive case . I purchased both of them from circuit city.Belkin Case

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