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    I have owned my Treo 300 as well subscribed to Sprint vision since January 5th 2003. I have never been able to send E-mail or receive SMS notifications or messages. I have tried over and over to get tech support from Sprint. Each tech support call has had a wait time no less than 30 minutes a call. When I do get someone they either have no clue what to do or simply transfer me to another vision specialist for an additional wait time of of no less than 30minutes up to an hour. I have been hung up on numerous times.
    I had to figure out how to Hot sync on my own with my MAC. Sprint does not handle tech support for MAC customers I was told. I was able to figure that out my self and my Treo does now sync properly to my Mac. No thanks to Sprint or the owners manual. I had to research on my own to find out that I needed Eudora to get mail with Sprint. (I had not yet discovered this site)
    Upon finding that out It took three days to get the server information from Sprint. Finally I could retrieve mail but not send it. Tier 2 tech support said the server was down but being repaired and should be up in two days. That was last week. Still not able to send mail or receive SMS. Lurking around this forum I found Treo 300SMS downloaded that still no SMS.Called Sprint again tonight spent a total of two hours on hold and waiting. Level 1 tech support no clue. Tranfered to tier 2 tech support to be told the Treo 300 doesn't really support SMS. This is what the Tier 2 tech told me. He also said the SMTP server has been down for about as long as I have had my Treo so that explains that. He assured me that one day the server will be working. One day!!! I have to pay for this service everyday. I feel so cheated and disapointed. These big companies just want our money but dont want to give any service or support. Thats false advertising. I am going to demand a refund from Sprint tomorrow for the Treo 300 and my new vision service. It's a great Idea and I would love for it to work as advertised. But it doesn't and I am not rich. I cannot afford shell out my money for less than half *** service and a device that doesnt do what it's supposed to do. Sorry for the rant.
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    I do research before buying. A search for "treo 300" on google shows treocentral a few links from the top. I've been wireless since about '96 (primeco, verizon, sprint). In that time, I've only called tech support once after activating the treo online to see if I did everything right.

    You should be getting inbound sms fine. Sending sms requires a third party app. Email is a snap. Use the sprint smtp outbound server and send using your vision username and password, however put the email address you pop from in the "reply to" field.

    I'm not 100% happy with the way my car performs, the way my glasses look or feel, and the way my pants fit, but unless I want to walk to work naked and blind as a bat, I put up with these annoyances in life.

    Have you decided what you're going to replace the treo with? You should get decent sms from other phones, but you lose the palm pda functionality.
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    I am on my second treo300. I HATE Sprint costomer service but would never give my 300 back. You will be able to work all your troubles out by this board. I would call sprint and demand a month free for them not having the services that you are paying for. But think twice about unlimited data (I love that) before you give your 300 up. Good luck.
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    none of this is really SMS anyway - you need GSM for that! If you can't send a message to any phone in the world with a guarantees delivery that's not messaging - imagine if email had that limitation...

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