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    I just called sprint to check on that $100 service rebate for sending my palm for trade in, and they said that my check is in the last stage of procesing, and I should recieve it in 10-15 days!
    Can this be true? Will see!
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    I mailed my Visor Pro on October 9 2002 and still have not seen anything. When did you send yours?
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    I mailed mine in september. You may wanna call sprint's rebate department and check your status.
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    As I recall, wasn't their offer a $100 service plan credit? That's what I'm expecting to see. But if you get a live check, more power to ya...
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    I called on mine about 1 week ago, mailed my Visor in September. Same thing...she said they received it, didn't know why it hadn't gone through, came back after talking to her supervisor and said I should see the credit in 10-15 days...

    We'll see...I have a hunch I will be calling them back...

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    I too called Sprint's rebate centrr again today. I had sent in my Palm III tothem back in Oct. and on past calls was simply told that the rebate was in process.

    Today they informed me that the rebate had been approved but that it was not being processed for credit. Whatever that means. Anyway I was told that the rep was putting in a request for my rebate to be expedited and I should see a credit soon.

    Still have my fingers crossed.
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    I think we are all calling this week...

    I was told that mine was in the "final stages" and would appear on the next month's bill. It's funny, but I actually still allow myself to get excited about the possibility of Sprint going through with a promise without a fight...just for a minute.
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    Wish I had you all's good fortune. My Palm III has been returned again! The first time they said something about the purchase date was not valid. It was well within the offer dates. I returned the unit with a letter explaining when and where it was purchased. They returned the unit stating that the offer was no longer available!!!

    Once I get a chance I will get them on the phone and try to remedy my situation.

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    Rebates: sometimes you get them, sometimes you don't. What does "final stages" mean? How many stages does it take to print a check?

    And what's the point? They get to hold onto your money a bit longer which is cheaper than borrowing from a bank or is it to dissuade the "return happy" public by encouraging them to send in upc stickers which makes the product unreturnable? Some day I'd like to see some organization (like the a.g. office) hold companies accountable for this practice. Once I bought a pack of 100 cdrs which was supposed to be free (minus tax) after rebate. I checked on it, checked on it, checked on it. Finally the web links and 1-800 disappeared. The rebate was the only reason I bought the cdr's so I got robbed!
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    Rebates definitely suck, that's for sure....

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    Is there still a Palm trade in rebate with sprint (along with the $50 current rebate, and $150 amazon remate?)

    I have an old palm Vx to unload...

    If so, does anybody have a link to the form or site?

    Mark F Chinsky
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    I just made some calls this morning about the service rebates. The last time I called to check on my service rebate status was Jan. 3'03. Guess what? They told me it would be reflected on my account in 10-15 days. I haven't seen it yet.

    Now here's what they are saying: They said that they have processed all the trade-in rebates in one batch and will appear in next month's bill. It seems they do not process this type of rebate one by one.

    Has anyone received information similiar to this?
    When you do call the rebate status number: 888-866-5442, be sure to ask about the "service" rebate. They get confused about which type of rebate the Palm Trade-In offer referred.
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    This type of activity could get Sprint in a lot of hot water with consumer watchdog groups.

    Retail industry people call what you folks are going through "rebate dumping".

    Shame on sprint. Again.
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    I called in shortly before noticing this thread and they told me that they were all being processed this month (January) and that I should see the credit on my next bill. We'll see. I do trust that they'll come through, though. They said my submission was valid and not rejected. I sent in a 2MB Visor with a broken screen.
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    So has anyone received their service credit yet? I just got off the phone with the rebate center and also the billing department. They're all a bunch of morons. They keep telling me to call the other department. It's like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Rebate center claims credit has been applied; billing department doesn't have any record of it. Apparently they have no means of communication with each other, and I have to act as the middle man.
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    I've been waiting for the credit to actually show up. Nothing yet, though.
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    Originally posted by rhong
    I've been waiting for the credit to actually show up. Nothing yet, though.
    I got my SprintPCS bill late last weekand it turns out THEY OWN ME MONEY!!!

    The $100 rebate came through finally as a service credit. It only took them 5 months. Well, as they say, better late than never.
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    When I checked for the status of my rebate using the web site, it said they don't have any record of it. I called and explained that I insured the unit with the USPS. I demanded a proof of non-receipt in order to process the claim. However, after a short wait, a supervisor came on the phone and said they had applied an instant credit of $100 to my account. I received the bill and it's true. I wonder what happened to my Visor Pro... but I am happy!
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    Got mine too...only several months after sending my poor Visor Deluxe (my very first Palm!) to them...
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    I bought my 300 in October and sent in my ancient palm with the $100 rebate form. I check the web site every week or so and no information. I called yesterday and the rebate folks said "we processed your rebate in October and sent it to Sprint--call them." I called customer service and spoke with a very pleasant woman (Debbie) who could not find any record of the rebate, but after a couple of minutes credited my account for $100. The whole thing took 10 minutes. Damn fine customer service!
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