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    I've posted a couple of comments re this rebate. Here's an update. I called Sprint rebate dept again to check on the status. The last time I talked to them, "Amber" told me the credit will appear on the next invoice.

    Each time I call them or check online, about once a week, they tell me 'what palm trade-in rebate?' Afterwhich they tell me to call the billing dept. The folks at customer service were ignorant about the rebate also. Long story short; they finally gave me my service credit.

    My question is: Has anyone received the trade-in service rebate WITHOUT bugging Sprint about it? It took me about a total of about 8 calls over a course of a month and a half to get this credit.
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    I called the rebate line and they told me (after a few minutes of looking) that they had received my palm and everything was set for a credit on my next invoice. The credit did appear as noted. Oddly, unlike other credits which (when greater than the balance due) put my account in a negative (balance owed) this one is listed as a $100 credit, but only subtracted my exact mothly fee ($89). Here's hoping they take they difference off the next bill.

    Even stanger, I still have a bill for $0.93 because it kept on some of the random taxes.

    We'll see if I get the remaining $11 next month...
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    Hey mpk, after getting my service credit, my bill for this month is 0.08. Not even worth the postage stamp to pay for it.
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    Interesting...I called Sprint...they transferred me to their rebate center. They said that the rebate had been approved back in September, and had sent it to Sprint. Called Sprint back, they did a bunch of checking (including talking with someone else at the rebate center and telling me that the rebate had not been received...I had to insist that they recheck)...and then they finally gave in, said that they would process it right away. It had been "lost" for four months! Supposedly I'll see the rebate on my next bill! I wonder what's happened to all the other rebates "lost"??? Great csr service (again) from Sprint!
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    I am really fed up with Sprint. I just wasted another hour going back and forth between the billing department and the rebate center. Each department kept telling me to call the other one. They are all really clueless. There is no way I'm renewing my contract when it expires. I'll give up my Treo if necessary and switch to Kyocera or something else just to avoid Sprint in the future.
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