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    I've been using a personal domain email account, and periodically get a Relaying Not Allowed error message. I assume that this is some problem with the SMTP server I am using, not something to do with the email app I am using, the content of the email message, or the listed recipients of the email message. Is this correct? What I can't understand is why it works some times and doesn't other times. If it's a problem with SMTP server, can someone post or send me an SMTP server that will work reliably to send messages from my Treo 300 with any email address in the "From" field. I never could get to work...


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    "Relaying not allowed" is exactly that. For whatever reason, you failed to provide proper authentication to use the SMTP server. Most ISP/Corporate servers prohibit the use of SMTP servers to non-registered users to prevent Spam, among other reasons. Your ISP should have provided you with the correct username and password for their SMTP server. Since you imply it work some of the time, I would suspect that it is a line error. When this happens, do you try to send again? What happens?

    You need to have authentication privledges to use a SMTP server, so you can use Sprint. You wouldn't want to use an open relay SMTP server because, more likely than not, your e-mail would be flagged as Spam.
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    Try our page here to set up the SprintPCS SMTP - you need to diddle with the password on the web before using the SMTP.

    Some of our customers tell me that if you sign up for a lycos mail account you get a SMTP server that's quite usuable for free.

    We also recommend - these guys offer a nice service and for $15 you get a SMTP server you can use for life.


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