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    Hi All,

    I am very, very new to my treo 300, so i do not know if the following will work, but emailed the following company and asked them if their gps would work with my treo 300 and here is the answer I recieved.

    The company I contacted is:

    i have contacted a number of other firms if and when I hear from them I will post the info here!

    I would like to know for all of the experts here in this disscussion area, if they think this will work and what they think of the idea, please feel free to throw in as many pros and cons that you can think of, thanks, Jay

    (PS: I have posted both my email and thier response below, with their response posted first, (once again feel free to post any info or comments as I am a treo 300 newbie!))

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    Date: 1/20/2003 12:11:29 PM Eastern Standard Time
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    Currently, we do not support the GPS Wireless Navigator software on the Treo. The GPS Portable Navigator software (not wireless, no directions) will work with the Treo. To use it with GPS, you will need a GPS unit and a cable that connects your Treo to the GPS output cable. There are serial (9 pin) output cables available for the Treo. See: for a 9 pin cable that will work (it may need a gender adapter).

    PI Support
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    Good day, does your system work with a handspring treo 300, which is a unit specific only to sprint's system. thanks, jay m. silverman
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    hi, here is more gps info for the treo, since i am new to treo, i am looking for input as to how well this will work, thanks, jay

    GPS Pilot software is written for Palm Computing Platform (
    GPS Pilot software supports the Palm OS 3.0 minimum: Palm m505, Palm m100,
    Palm III series, V series, VII, m100, Palm50x serie, Visor series, Clie,
    HandEra/TRG, Symbol …
    Any NMEA GPS Receivers are compliant with our software. We do support the
    NavMan GPS which is talking NMEA. We also support the Rockwell Zodiac
    receivers family (DeLorme Earthmate). Check our GPS Receiver section, for
    details on the Palm-GPS connection (See
    and our support page at
    For digital compass functionality, check out our Compass™ program at

    GPS product Line-up answer to any needs you have from itinerary request to
    map dispaly and tracking functions. Check out our trial version, and
    register through our web site.

    Our latest application! TripPilot™ ( an itinerary
    browser to locate addresses and plan routes. TripPilot™ allows web requests
    directly from a Palm™ device and generates personal road itineraries. Then,
    TripPilot™ offers several views of the requested itinerary. A large GPS
    enabled map displays the entire trip while the detailed view contains
    written directions plus mini geo-coded maps describing every turn. Then on
    the road, TripPilot™ adds the value of Global Positioning navigation
    assistance. The GPS functions show position and move directly on the maps
    to provide real-time travel assistance.

    Our other application allows you display maps of any places in the world
    into your palm:
    - ready-to-go on-line maps via our "MapsOnWeb" feature
    ( or ,
    -scanned paper maps or other digital maps using GPS Pilot PC companion
    Cartographer™ (hhtp:// Cartographer is
    distributed as a freeware.

    For general purpose, check out:
    - Atlas™ that brings FREE world detailed road maps and GPS
    technology to the Palm, to help you plan and enjoy your trips.
    - Tracker™ creates/displays routes of your for backpacking, boating,
    hiking, ... trips by logging/visualizing positional on finger-draggable
    raster maps. ( TrackExporter™, our
    Tracker™ PC companion freeware, allows exporting recorded tracks outside
    the scope of GPS Pilot applications in a csv format in order to collect,
    store, analyze, manipulate, retrieve, plot GPS positional locations for
    your specific purposes. (more information at

    For flying purpose, check out Flying Pilot™, It offers dynamic pre-flight
    and in flight navigational tools (

    All GPS Pilot applications allow to personalize your maps by creating
    waypoints and displaying on maps.
    Topographer™ is our PC freeware that allows waypoints data exchange between
    the palm and the PC in a non-proprietary format. For instance, you can
    download data to a PDA, manually input data (create/modify waypoints) and
    backload the newest information into your PC. (info at

    We are working on sound output, but are waiting for the device to support
    sound to fully implement it

    Thank you for your interest in GPS Pilot software.

    Annie Chabert. - Let's GPS Pilot you!

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