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    I've long been weary of switching over to a pocketPC phone because of their lack of a qwerty keyboard and their general unavailability on the SPCS network, but this new one is making me think twice about it. Check this new phone that hitachi is releasing this year, it has a keyboard and a built in digital camera.
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    Looks like that link didn't quite work, click on it...then go in the search box type in "pocket pc" and it should pop up the article on the new phone. This thing looks awesome...a little big...but..i might make the switch from my treo when it becomes available.
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    Here's another link for the phone with a better quality picture of it.
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    I'm also quite interested in seeing this phone. I am concerned about its size. I read on one site that it's 8 ounces, which is a good deal bigger than the Treo.

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    Only the newest Clie rivals that Hitachi monster in terms of size. Wow - and I thought the Treo was large. No one will buy those - that's my prediction. Even the reactions I get with my Treo - 'hmm - too big for me, no thanks' and 'man that's a big a** phone' lead me to believe that Hitachi beast will fail.
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    sorry but....

    thats huge!

    not really a pocket pc
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    I myself am not sure of the dimensions, but have been keeping an eye on it since its announcement. I believe it will sell if it's not too much larger than the current Toshiba Pocket PC. As mentioned it has the all important thumbboard lacking on previous offerings. I'm excited at the prospect of playing with the final product when it hits the stores.
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    I'm interested b/c I'd certainly like to have some of the features this thing will presumably offer (tho' I notice no mention of Bluetooth). I would like to see this thing.

    However, I agree with others that it looks huge (it's kind of hard to tell since the pictures don't provide any context). Once things start to get that large you might as well go for a fold-up package like the Nokia 9290 Communicator (which I wouldn't buy b/c of Symbian).

    Or why not have the clie type fold around the end design where when closed the screen and keyboard are on the inside, but the speaker and mic are on the outside for use as a phone. I guess the main problem with that is that it would be hard to get the radio circuitry thin enough.

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    One of the coolest features of the Treo 300 is that it actually fits in my pocket. No fugly holsters required. The Hitachi is too large for my needs.
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    I hear from a contact at Sprint that the target release for this phone is May, although that could always slip. I wonder what the target release date of the new Treo is.

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    Originally posted by gmaugham
    I hear from a contact at Sprint that the target release for this phone is May, although that could always slip. I wonder what the target release date of the new Treo is.
    When you say "new Treo" are you referring to something definate or merely whatever Treo phone Handspring and Sprint release next?

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    Not that this answer helps, but "both." I'm referring to another post on here today about an article in (I think) the San Jose Mercury News about a new Treo being due this summer.

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    oh man, I'm going to have to depart with the treo for this phone!
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    I'd rather have a sd memory slot than a camera.

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    Although the phone is considerably bigger than the Treo, there are some features that I sorely miss from the Treo:

    1. Decent email/browser apps
    - IMAP on the Palm is a joke
    - Most of the slowdowns I have with downloading email from my POP3 account is not because of bandwidth, but because of the Palm OS
    - Same goes with browsing on Blazer or Xiino

    2. Native Word and Excel editing

    3. My previous concern with the battery life of a PocketPC device is no longer a concern, because the Treo battery life isn't much better.

    Stability might be a concern, but the stability on the Treo isn't great either. I really don't think the Palm 3.5 OS was geared with wireless communication in mind and I really do think these types of apps stretch the Palm OS to the point that crashs happen a lot more (it might not be the OS's fault that crashes might be because each developer has to code their own way of accessing the internet?) and these apps run incredibly slow.

    The Treo's the best out there right now, but I would definitely give a PocketPC device with a thumbboard and that runs on the Sprint network consideration when it comes out. I would miss BigTwo's and a few other Palm apps though ....however, MAME on the PocketPC would make up for that.
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    I would have to agree on a number of those issues; with the exception of one (and a half):

    1. Decent email/browser apps
    True with respect to E-Mail. I find the PPC e-mail to be very good. But Pocket IE is a dog. However, it IS free. There is a browser replacement for PIE called NetFront. THAT is fairly impressive. Java and Javascript among other benefits.

    2. Native Word and Excel editing
    In my opinion, you are actually better off for most Word and Excel editing with Palm.

    Admittedly, if you were doing very simple formatting (VERY SIMPLE), then the ease of use of the PPC line would be a minor convenience. But other than that, there is considerably better support for Word and Excel under Palm than under PPC. I own a Handera 330 and a Dell Axim PPC. Of all the things that I might ascribe to being better on a PPC (and there are not that many), Word and Excel editing most certainly is NOT one of them.

    Still though, although I don't own a Treo 300 (I have seriously considered it), I have to say that I find it to be an impressive device. For all it's faults, it works fairly well. If only they could get the network to be more robust and reliable, it would have been an even bigger hit!

    That said, the new Hitachi is really going to be an interesting device. I'm an MIS guy by profession and I can see a ton of uses for it. I don't know how much I want to carry something like that everywhere I go. But I like options and this PDA opens up a whole new world of those!!!
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    I still feel Pocket IE is a lot better than Blazer. It is pretty slow, but it does a much better job rendering pages than Blazer.

    I haven't really beat up on Pocket Word and Excel, but I thought they were quite decent. I guess my scenario for using both wouldn't be so much for editing documents created on the desktop, but more for 1) creating new documents for export onto the desktop, 2) opening Excel and Word email attachments for viewing. I could see it being quite a nightmare going between the desktop and Pocket versions of Excel and Word (kinda like working on documents with MS Word and Wordperfect).

    I, very briefly, used the TMobile Pocket PC Phone (3 days). The Treo is a much better device, but I did miss the email app, very bright and high res screen, multitasking, Terminal Server client, and, yes, handwriting recognition (compared to Graffiti). I didn't miss the form factor, lack of cover, or lack of thumbboard. Actually, the terminal server client is pretty can connect to your desktop, browse the web, and work on documents as much improved speeds.
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    That does look enticing, but I agree with other posts. "Size matters"! The Treo is a perfect size and consequently, I take it everywhere. I also like the flip top. I'm one of those people who think that when I hold a phone pressed up against my head, I'm getting more radiation that if it was 2 inches away, as with the Treo. When I put any cell phone within an inch of a live audio cable, it causes a buzzing sound on the audio speakers. That tells me that an inch matters. I feel more comfortable holding the treo flip top against my ear than an antenae of other phones. Am I the only one who's slightly paranoid about cell phone radiation?
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    Originally posted by mharpen
    Am I the only one who's slightly paranoid about cell phone radiation?
    Yes, you are the only one..... and we've all been staring at you for some time now.......

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    SteveNYC have you tried TextMaker for the pocket PC? I hear it's everything Pocket Word should've been.
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