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    I don't think it will be replacing my treo anytime soon. Why?

    1) It's huge and even less attractive than the Treo;

    2) Most importantly, it runs Pocket PC. Get used to slowdowns, resets, and dead batteries.
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    Count me in when its reasonably priced, say like the Treo is now. I have no desire to spend $700 for a cell phone/PDA. $300 is about my threshold of pain.

    I'd love to have the TS client, native MP3 and video support and PocketOffice.
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    I've made several comments about this device in other places, but here are some of my thoughts...

    I originally was impressed by the looks of this device (and still am). But I'm skeptical of how well it will work out practically for several reasons. The device is big. Remember that the PPC is bound by its 240x320 format. By adding a thumbboard, it ends up being quite long, longer than probably most/all modern PPCs. In order to try to compensate for this, Hitachi did two things: They reduced the size of the screen, and they removed the hard application buttons. Those two things will significantly reduce usability. Additionally, it's not clear that there will be any sort of integrate screen cover. So, once you stick it in a sleeve or custom case, it's all that muc bigger.

    In short, it looks like some impressive technology, but I think that PPCs 240x320 format ends up preventing the ultimate wireless PPC from existing. Supposedly, the next version of the PPC OS will allow for landscape format. If someone comes out with a PPC which operates similar to Sharp's latest Linux PDA (with the twistable screen and keyboard, that works in either landscape or portrait format), that would be more interesting. Still, I'd be lying if I said that I won't be interested in checking this out personally when it hits the streets.

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