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    I registered my Treo at Handspring and in return I got a $10 certificate. What program would be useful to buy from there?
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    I seem to remember that there were many restrictions in the smallprint. You can't use the $10 for any software that comes from handago.

    I ended up using it to offset the price of an extra USB cable so I could sync at work, but after they added shipping and maybe tax (I can't remember) it was only a couple of dollars cheaper than buying it at Amazon.
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    Use it towards a serial cable, get wirelessmodem from, use your Treo as a wireless modem!!!!!

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    don't buy from . they shipping and handling starts at $6 or $8, i forget. Even for something like a headset. Accessories are wayyyyy cheaper on . I got a headset, AC adaptor, car charger, usb sync cable, leather palm case, some other nike little accessories, plus s&h for under $44. Compare that to about $30 for each power charger, or each usb sync cable on the handspring site. EBAY!

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