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    I've returned my Treo 180 and am now living very happily with my 300. I've noticed that when I have the 300 in the cradle, the screen comes on every 2 to 3 minutes, for about 30 seconds, then goes off.

    The only application I have loaded is SnapperMail but changing settings with it doesn't seem to affect anything (I have it set to check for mail every 15 minutes anyway).

    Any ideas?


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    This happens to me on my desk at work. It happens to be a weak signal area and the screen comes on when the phone loses and then regains a usable Sprint signal. It stays on for 30 sec and then goes off until the next time the signal is lost.
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    Hmm. Odd. I do only have two bars.

    Do you think it's safe to assume that if I didn't have the 300 charging when this happens that this behaviour would drain the battery faster than normal?
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    Anything that turns on the screen would drain the battery faster.

    I remember another way that the screen turned on. I have BigClock instaled and a couple of times, it has gone weird so that every minute change in the clock led to the screen coming on. A soft reset fixed this problem.
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    Do you have an SMS in the pending box?

    There have been various threads stating that if so the Treo will turn on every couple of mins.

    If so - delete it and your problem should be solved.

    good luck - Raphael

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