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    Has anyone else had this experience??

    When the phone rings and I am a bit slow in opening the lid to answer the call, so that this is just being diverted to my mailbox the phone hangs!
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    I just had this happen to me yesterday. Just wait a minute or two and your phone should be working.
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    Have had the same problem numerous times. If I answer as the call is diverted to voicemail, the phone freezes for a few minutes. Nothing to do about it as far as I know.
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    Caller ID related software such as Ringo and PictureCallerID can cause delays as they search for a contact wwhen the phone rings. This can lead to calls going to voicemail or delayed display of caller ID. This may be your problem.
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    I seem to have similar problems and I don't have any program such Ringo or Picture Caller ID installed.
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    i have the same problem too, many times, and i am not using any of those softwares.
    what can we do about it?

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