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    Today for the XX time when someone sends me a sms message I get the initial ding and "retrieving short mail" message. Then no message follows it. I sometimes am even afraid of touching the phone worrying that somehow it causes the problem. But essentially no message comes in after this "retrieving short mail". Today 2 hours later they came in. I even sometime force a message by sending a message to myself which forces the ones apparently stuck in limbo to my phone. Of course, this isn't the ideal situation since most of the time I don't notice that someone is trying to send me a message.

    Today of course, even the forced messages from myself did not get through. Except for one sent from my computer via which went through immediately.

    Strange huh?
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    I only loaded Treo300sms last night so my experience is not so much. Just a while ago my phone dinged, said retrieving message and about three minutes later it appeared.
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    A soft reset fixed the delays for me. I don't know why it worked. It does not seem to be an intuitive solution as I believed the problem to be with Sprint's messaging servers or PDA Apps proxy server but it worked, nevertheless.

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