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    Contemplating the Jabra Freespeak and have been using a friend's for a few days. Great headset, but I would like to also use this on my home phone. Unfortunately most phones are the standard 2.5mm 2 band jacks. The freespeak that works with the treo is the Nokia version 3 band. Does anyone know of an adapter to use on the 3 band nokia headsets that allow you to use them on normal 2.5 mm 2 band jacks?

    I do have another bluetooth adapter that is a 2.5mm 2 band (a friend of mine gave me his plantronics bluetooth adapter of his 1500) Since the jabra does not pair with more than 1 bluetooth adapter I cannot use it at home without repairing it.

    Every website has the 2.5mm 2 band to 3 band converter but not vice versa. I hope someone can help...
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    I haven't seen the adapter the other way around like you want but if this is your goal, why don't you just buy the standard 2.5 freespeak for non-bluetooth phones so that you can use it directly with you home phone and than put the 2 band to 3 band adapter on it when you want to use it with your treo?
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    well, unfortunately I bought the Nokia version already so I can't do as you suggest. Also, I would rather use the adapter on the home phone since the adapter adds additional bulk to the bluetooth adapter. i.e. I'd rather have less on my treo....
    Also, I don't know if I bought the normal freespeak and used the adapter that the answer/end function will still work. Anyone have this answer?
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    Yes it will work just fine. This is the arrangement that I'm using.
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    1.How big is the adapter you are using?
    2.Where did you get it?
    3.Do you have a picture of it?
    4. Is it inconveniently bulky in your opinion?
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    1. It's 3 1/4 inches long.
    2. I bought it at a local cell phone specialty store.
    3. Here is what it looks like:
    4. It's not "bulky" but it does add more length to the coiled wire already coming off of the adapter. It actually makes a perfect length for me because I wear the treo on my belt and the freespeak adapter next to it (opposite side of phone jack connector) and it's the perfect length to go straight down the side of the phone, across the bottom and back up to the adapter.
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    Did you guys ever find a reverse Nokia adapter? I did the same thing, bought the Nokia version for the Treo 300 but I'd like to also use it on my cordless. Same reason as smartphone above, wanted less bulk etc on the Treo setup.

    I'm thinking there is no reverse adapter so I need to make one myself, but just checking. I've written Jabra to ask as well. I'll let you know what I learn.
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    You can find a reverse adapter at

    It works well, and is fairly inexpensive. The other thing that I purchased from them is the emergency 9v battery charger.

    EDIT: Whoops, read that wrong, the adapter I have listed above goes from 2 band to 3 band.

    I was paying my bill at Radioshack today, and the manager mentioned to me that he had an adapter that went from 3 band to 2 band. Didn't ask him how much, though...
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    Actually I forgot to come back and update this thread. I got the connectors to make my reverse adaptor, and had quite a hard time finding the pinouts etc online. Never did hear back from Jabra on that.

    I feel that I have the pinouts correct, but there's a problem. The Nokia type uses a differential signal to the ear and mic, so ear has +/- and mic has +/-. Whereas the standard 2.5mm uses a ear & mic signal with a common ground. Well I tied the two -'s together and the ear sounds okay, but the mic is all distorted and can't be heard all that well on the other side. I suppose it's possible I could just buy one of those $10 Standard-->Nokia adapters and take it apart and/or swap connector types.

    So I'm not sure how to proceed. I feel that I need to use an audio transformer or some active electronics to get the mic from differential to single-ended.

    Nokia 4 pin 2.5mm:

    round tip = speaker +
    next ring = microphone +
    next ring = speaker -
    bottom ring = microphone -

    Normal 2.5mm:

    round tip = microphone
    ring = speaker
    sleeve = ground
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    I talked to Seidio. They said they are working on the reverse adaptor. Will be available either at later July or early August.
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    That's great news! I'm looking forward to it.
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    Any news on the reverse adaptor?

    Maybe we all could send a mail to Seidio asking for this reverse adaptor and maybe they would release it...

    In case any has just contact Seidio about this, please let me know the address to send a mail ;-)

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