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    I was sitting in my home today and my Treo got rather hot in my pocket. I looked at it and the green lights were on indicating the 'net was being used. I have a feeling that an app I was using might not have properly shut down and as a result was draining my battery.

    My question is this: What are the reasons for wanting to leave a 'net connection up on the Treo? I mean, if I disconnect I can still receive SMS messages and stuff, right? Would I miss anything if I disconnected the connection (i.e. checked the box stating "Disconnect on exit" in Blazer settings) manually to make sure nothing used the 'net unexpectedly/constantly? Thanks for any responses!
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    i use the 'disconnect on exit' in blazer. something does not sit right with me leaving it on all the time. and anyway, after a relatively short while (unless as you say in your case something was still using the connection behind your back) the green lights go to grey and you might as well be disconnected for the amount of time it takes you to re-activate the dormant connection.
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