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    I just installed AOL for PDA and so far it works well. Very fast and easy to use. Plus there is prompt instant messaging to signed on AOL users which really impressed my kids.

    However, I am unable to access "My AOL" and get a message that "Web clipping software" is required. I thought that the Treo came with this software installed. Am I wrong? Is there another download that will solve this problem?

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    there are several extensive threads on this site about web clipping. yes you need to install a set of clipping libraries. do a search on web clipping and you will find out lots of stuff. with clipping you can also use pqa's

    here is one thread with a bunch of info
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    Searching the web clipping info was on my list of the next ten things to get done on my treo300. I like my Treo but there is a lot more to get it going than was on my Palm i705. Thank goodness for this message board.
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    web clipping is one of the most worthwhile things. PQA's are much faster and easier for their specific purposes than browing with blazer. it will be time well spent.

    this is the first time i have seriously gotten into a palm or other PDA. i think although there is work involved, its because of the flexibility of the programs, and all you can do with them... really is like a little PC.
    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.
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    Just tried out, and I must say that it's a really really basic interface for AOL mail. Not useful when your inbox exceeds 5 email emails !!!

    Has anyone played around with the AOL app ? How does the interface look like for AOL Mail?
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    As I mentioned above, AOL for PDA mimics the actual look of AOL. It's easy to use works fast for me. Pocket Flash is also a great program. Download the Demo and see how you like it. Unfortunately, AOL for PDA doesn't have a demo.

    I chose the AOL program because it has IM for signed on members - kind of a nice perk.

    Good Luck!

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